About Us

Rajul Parekh's interest in loud thinking and not-so-loud talking has inspired this site. Her exasperation with some of the newsgroups, blogs and social networking sites provided further impetus to this idea.

Rajul runs a fashion consulting business called Apparel Appeal. She is also an opera singer with an interest in jazz. She very fondly remembers the wonderful conversations she has had with others during her travels in the U.S. and abroad.

Hasmukh Parekh has collaborated with her on certain aspects of the website. His perspective as a psychiatrist has proven extremely valuable.

Sister Sites

The ideas presented in our sister sites Overwork Underwork, Patient Listening, and Joy of Talking relate to a person's daily life, whether personal or professional. We believe it is possible to address these questions more effectively with innovative and sometimes unconventional approaches through online, phone, as well as personal contact.

All three of these sites provide opportunities for meeting new people. Moreover, being in the company of others with similar goals and interests can create new perspectives for old problems.

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