Joy of Talking™ FAQs

Is this a dating service?

No. But we think our service has the potential of helping members form meaningful and lasting relationships, whether in business, within their communities, or in their personal lives.


How is your service different from others?

Innumerable forums, chat groups, and newsgroups exist online. Add to this the many rapidly emerging social networking services and one is faced with a formidable array of choices. There is, however, a bigger problem: it can be very difficult to find individuals or groups who indulge in intelligent, logical and yes, even witty discourse. No wonder the Internet has become a wasteland! We are not trying to be elitist, but simply recognize that intelligent and educated people also have needs of their own.

At Joy of Talking, we have addressed this problem with a unique approach.

The first step involves a new member attending a gathering of "dynamic" people who are looking for meaningful interactions and/or relationships. Although the Internet is versatile, it's also very impersonal. That is why in the initial stage, we're using it merely as a tool to facilitate old-fashioned, person-to-person contact:

A gathering like ours allows each person to retain his or her unique identity, and at the same time benefit from the diverse group dynamics which occur. This creates just the right atmosphere for more natural interactions.

We also believe that real conversation can reveal the essence of who a person is. That is why, instead of having each member deal with time-consuming questionnaires, forms, or interviews, we will let the talking "do the talking", so to speak. This demands greater effort at first but helps to nurture a deeper understanding of others and can result in true and lasting friendships. It will also encourage the formation of diverse groups representing a variety of interests. This is to be expected whenever passionate, intelligent people get together.

Further down the road, the Internet can in fact become indispensable in solidifying and organizing the various individual and group interactions that evolve over the course of time. It also makes it easier to apply ideas from disciplines like psychology and sociology to this process. The end result will be that members get the optimum benefit from personal as well as online contacts.

We really see this as an interesting endeavor in human relationships and Joy of Talking will certainly act as an intermediary or, better still, as a catalyst at every stage. So to repeat what we've said before, "With your help we will succeed."


What kinds of things would people talk about when they meet?

People might discuss an article or book they read, or share an idea, common interests, or relate something they observed or experienced. Here are a few topic examples, but each conversation may provide food for thought and lead to more ideas. Here's a sample "talking menu":

  1. What do silent people think about those who like to talk?
  2. Does the liberal-conservative model deprive our country of alternative, creative solutions?
  3. Should there be a fourth branch of government in the form of an Independent Polling Agency?
  4. Does opera have limited appeal, and only to the rich? Can it last?
  5. What do you think of Oprah fans?
  6. What has living in New York City taught you?


How would meetings be coordinated? Where would they be held?

Members send us an email expressing their interest in participating, along with their contact information, and in which part of town they are willing to meet. Once we gather a group of suitable people, Joy of Talking will contact each person with the details regarding the time and location of the gathering. People may meet in a restaurant or bar, a community center, or in the park. Members' suggestions also welcome.


How much does it cost?

Membership is free. However, members are expected to cover their own food or drink expenses if people meet at restaurants or bars. They also may be asked to chip in for the minimal cost (about $10) of renting a meeting space. Disclaimer


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