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News & World Events

Important world issues explained clearly and simply, in an unbiased way, and supplemented with news articles.


Daryl Cagle's Professional Cartoonists Index
Daryl Cagle maintains this collection of political cartoons from around the world, giving us a little light-hearted respite from the events happening every day.


All Music Guide
Excellent site for anyone interested in any kind of music, from rock to reggae to classical (although the classical section is weaker than the others). It includes bios of the artists, descriptions of styles, and discography, all organized in a clear way that also enables you to understand the historical context of each musical style and musician.


BBC Sport Academy
Highly useful pointers on improving your strokes & skills for about a dozen different sports, presented at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Also has some vidoes showing medal-winners in action, so you can learn from them.


Fresh Mangos
Great mango site, with tips, nutrition information, and recipes.


Wonderful resource to learn about painters and their paintings, as well as an art glossary and links to museums around the world. Each painter's main works can be viewed.


Eye Design Book
You may not agree with the author's basic premise that eye design as complex as that which exists in living creatures cannot be sufficiently explained by evolution, and thus is the work of a higher Eye Designer. But the meticulous detail and examples given about the eyes of all living creatures from the simplest to the most complex make this site endlessly fascinating. Interesting photos as well.

Information About almost Anything

A useful resource for a variety of topics, ranging from how to choose a cell phone to small business advice to information and support for sufferers of chronic fatigue syndrome. Each topic has its own guide, who also provides helpful additional links.


New York City

World Music Institute
New York truly is the mecca of all music — not just classical, and the World Music Institute has helped increase global understanding through its diverse presentation of music (and dance) from around the world.

New York Mehfil
Created by western classical musician Rachel Golub who also discovered North Indian classical music. This site includes a listing of South Asian music and dance concerts in New York City.

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